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Environmental Sustainability


Every Drop Counts

What if we could save millions of gallons of water for each refinery and upgrader in the world? If we could recover thousands of barrels of oil per year typically lost during production and cleaning processes, without using harsh chemicals requiring deep well disposal.


Absolute Throughput Solutions is doing it: making every drop count.


Be a part of the change.

Our Commitment


Canada has the objective to enhance its role as a world leading energy supplier. Sustainable natural resources development is a key priority for government and the global energy industry. The energy sector is under unprecedented scrutiny and now, more than ever, the industry must pursue and achieve higher environmental outcomes. Advancements in more sustainable operating and maintenance practices, particularly in the areas of water, air and land management, are expected by stakeholders and the general public.


We are ABSOLUTE in our pursuit of more sustainable operating practices. That is why we have developed and patented our revolutionary process to clean hydrocarbons without consuming water or creating waste. Our efficient process also reduces fuel consumption and lowers GHG emissions in refineries and upgraders. At ABSOLUTE, we support our customers in their efforts to help them achieve their environmental imperatives.

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