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Who We Are

Leveraging 20 years of experience in industrial cleaning, Absolute Throughput Solutions ("ABSOLUTE") is an innovative green technology company that has developed a revolutionary hydrocarbon cleaning process for refineries and upgraders, which drives efficiency in heat exchangers and other assets, while consuming no water and creating no waste.This is truly transformational technology.


Absolute Clean is Absolute Throughput Solution's trademark for our envrionmentally sustainable and transformational cleaning process which elminates the consumption of water and delivers a faster and comprehensive cleaning result for fouled heat exchangers and other process assets.

We clean what others can't!


Conventional cleaning of hydrocarbons began using water intensive high pressure water blasting and chemical cleaning. While the specialty market had already won a solid grip using these methods, it was labor and time intensive and left hundreds of thousands of gallons of waste water and chemicals for disposal.


Absolute Throughput Solutions is a culmination of 4 years of research and development that has set new standards throughout the industry. We are delivering an innovative and environmentally sustainable solution to our clients that will forever change the industry’s approach to hydrocarbon removal in refineries, upgraders and energy service providers.

To be the global leader in the efficient, effective and environmentally sustainable cleaning of hydrocarbon process equipment, consuming no water and creating no waste.


To provide the refining and upgrading industry with safe, professional and environmentally sustainable removal of hydrocarbon fouling deposits.


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