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Equipment / Parts


At ABSOLUTE we take your hydrocarbon contaminated asset, and we return it to you clean…normally within a few hours. ABSOLUTE’s unique process, starts with our proprietary organic solvent selected over years of testing.


Our specially designed mechanized equipment allows for full submersion of the asset. This allows our organic solvent to contact all surfaces particularly those surfaces that are difficult reach. Our process elimiates the risk of damage due to conventional high pressure water cleaning. Our organic solvent binds to the molecules of hydrocarbon



10’L x 6’W x 5’H tank to submerse hydrocarbon contaminated assets

*custom tank sizes are available


Accomodates virtually all sizes of process equipment and oil field tools: pumps, valves, pigs, smart pigs, drilling equipment, scaffolding and other assets


Safe for seals, gaskets and electronics



Cleaning completed in hours rather than days


Fully mechanized to reduce or eliminate risk of operator injury and damage to assets


Consumes no water and requires no deep-well disposal unlike traditional water blast cleaning


Full submersion of asset allows 100% contact with all surface areas and deep clean to the core



ABSOLUTE can custom fabricate a commercial cleaning system for your particular needs.


Keep it on your site and we will attend regulary to monitor the equipment and the solvent to ensure constant optimum performance.

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