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Specically designed and engineered to effectively and efficiently clean hydrocarbon fouled heat exchangers from oil upgraders, SAGD facilities and refineries.


The heat exchanger is carefully lowered into the cleaning chamber and submerged into our proprietary organic solvent. This ensures all surface areas are contacted. Pressure jets below the surface apply constant pressure to free the foulants from the asset. This agitation along with simultaneous rotation of the heat exchanger ensures a comprehensive clean of the outer diameter of the tube surfaces (shell side). The indexer, on the tube side, delivers our solvent to the inner diameter of each tube to ensure an Absolute Clean.

Off-Site Cleaning




Dual pumps @ 700gpm / 45 psi


Heat Exchanger Max Size: 30 ft L x 78 in D


Max weight: 60,000 lbs


No water used in process


Cleaning solvent safe on all metals


Cleaning time cut dramatically



Reduces or eliminates risk of operator injury and damage to asset


Cleaning completed in hours; getting your asset back online 60% faster


No waste created


Easy access for inspection and job monitoring


Cleans all types of exhangers and process equipment within weight and size restrictions


Fully mechanized and “hands-free” reducing safety risks



Certfied in-house rigging


Our quality inspection plan ensures highest results


Free up manpower and space

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