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Water and energy systems constitute the foundation for modern infrastructures and quality of life around the world. Water usage is a critical issue that is on the forefront of articles related to the oilsands and specifically addressed in relation to cleaning heat exchangers.

Processing oil consists of shutting down production to do maintenance and turnaround cleanings. These scheduled maintenance routines require cleaning of heat exchangers that are huge consumers of water. Conventional cleaning is highly water intensive and takes an average of 71,000 litres of water or more to clean a single heat exchanger which requires contaminated waste disposal in tailing ponds or deep-well.

Absolute has developed a technology that eliminates the use & consumption of water during heat exchanger cleanings. With our patent pending technology, we can save millions of gallons of water for each refinery and upgrader in the world. The exceptional level of our proven cleaning process not only eliminates the use of water but also allows heat exchangers to operate more efficiently, resulting in lower GHG emissions and requires no disposal in deep-wells or tailing ponds.

Since our company has come to market in May, we have saved our customers in excess of 4 million litres of water (estimated), by using our patent pending cleaning process. Eliminating the consumption of water for every hydrocarbon fouled heat exchanger has a huge effect on refineries and upgraders fresh water intake.

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