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Heat Exchanger Cleaning Advantages

No Water Consumed

No DeepWell Disposal

Lower GHG Emissions

Lower Fuel Consumption

Reduced Safety Risks

Faster Clean

Increased Throughput


Absolute has developed a technology that eliminates the use & consumption of water during heat exchanger cleanings. With our patent pending technology, we can save millions of gallons of water for each refinery and upgrader in the world. The exceptional level of our proven cleaning process not only eliminates the use of water but also allows heat exchangers to operate more efficiently, resulting in lower GHG emissions and requires no disposal in deep-wells or tailing ponds.

Providing a faster and more efficient clean than conventional cleaning in exchangers helps improve the overall plant efficiency and reduction in cleaning frequency As refineries and upgraders run more efficiently using our applications, they will consume less fuel, lower GHG emissions and increase production throughput. By also removing operators out of the 'line of fire' with our fully automated cleaning chambers we reduce and eliminate many safety risks associated with conventional cleanig.

Our process not only benefits the customer but also our environment. Consciously knowing the value of our water; we have found a solution to today’s dramatic effect on water consumption for hydrocarbon cleaning. As the increasing demand for energy grows the need for water will also increase.

Read more about our hydrocarbon cleaning solutions!the-solution/c21w2

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